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A quick and easy input.

Easily import and validate your results in BenchBox. Based on each company’s results, key performance figures are calculated and can be reviewed and commented.

Compare your performance with the rest of the network.


Understand for each section of your PNL and business metrics where your outperform the group and on what items you need to focus your effort. Refine the analysis by filtering the network on various criterias to make sure the comparison is relevant.

Keep track of your results and compare your results with previous years.

See clearly the main figures in meaningful charts and download the data on your computer for further calculations.

Keep a part of the results confidential.


Keep some results private. You can keep track of some of your numbers without sharing and benchmarking them with the group. This will give your further insights on your performance.


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How it works


Import data from various sources. Review the calculated metrics, adust if needed, and add a comment for future reference.


All approved data within your network will be grouped and key data will be calculated for each possible filtering criteria.


With BenchBox analyse, visualise, and filter, all your network’s results. Get insights on what needs to be improved, and where the value is generated for each member firm, and as a group.


Export the data for further analysis and refinements.

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